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Your website should be designed to earn you business

Websites today are more important than ever. Not only does your website have to represent your brand and services, but make it easy for potential clients to engage with you. Today, a bad website is worse than no website and if you have one it is likely costing you buskets of money in lost revenue. Sites today need to be clear, concise, and creative in order to build trust and turn viewers into customers.
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users that won't wait longer than 2 seconds for a page to load

— Forbes, 2023 —

— US Ecommerce Statistics, 2023 —

of online users won’t return to a site after a bad experience

— Hubspot, 2022 —

Every Website Requires Three Disciplines to Succeed

Your website's primary job is to develop trust without human interactions. In order to accomplish this complex goal your website requires three elements of development.

Quality Design

Creating a design that is consistant with your brand and beliefs is crucial in today's business world. Before a prospective client meets you, they will make their first impression off of your website.

Intelligent UX

Ux or UI design is developing your website with the customer's user experience in mind. Easy-to-understand navigation, credibility, and usability are all valuable to your potnetial customer. 80% of customers won't return if they have a bad user experience.

Effective Marketing

Great, you built a website. Even if it is pretty and conveys information well, does it convert views to customers? After all, that is the real purpose of your website. We keep your conversion in mind from beginning to launch.

Don't spend money on a basic website

If you want a website to use as a calling card then there are plenty of solutions that should cost you less than $200 per year. BUt if your business wants to acquire new interests, engage viewers, and help clients move down a conversion funnel then you'll need something a lot more sophisticated. Let our team talk through the purpose of your website with you and determine how to build you something that new potential clients can understand and navigate through while building trust for your brand.

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Click Hive is a team of marketing professionals with an edge — we eat our own dog food. We have developed our marketing expertise by building businesses that use the techniques and skills we are offering to clients today. Let our experience with real-world businesses help yours to grow.

We continue to thrive in the digital age by attracting and converting new interests into real sales and we can do it for you too.

We've spent over a decade fine-tuning our marketing expertise to deliver comprehensive online strategies that work for small and medium-sized businesses. Let our team show you what we can do.

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