Case Study

Online Physical Therapy Courses: Rebuilt and Rebranded


The Tummy Team had a site that was behind on updates to PHP, WordPress, learndash, and over 70 plugins. Their site took an average of 7 sec. to load the header. Now, they have a subscription service and a separate course website. They're up-to-date, fast and high-converting.

  • The Challenge

    The Tummy Team was using tired technology and starting to see steep declines in their online course sales. They needed help creating implementing a strategy that would take them into the next decade.

  • The Plan

    Click Hive devised a strategy to create a monthly subscription program. We developed a new website and built a mobile experience that matches all of the best market apps today. Then we rebuilt their course website and created new bundles to help make their product offerings more concise.

  • The Result

    The Tummy Team has a new revenue model and is building a loyal membership base with new clients weekly. The new app-style interface is allowing members to feel connected to ongoing content that Tummy Team releases every week.

Current cost of customer acquisition
Kelly Dean, MPT
Owner of The Tummy Team
Customer's Thoughts

Kelly Dean, MPT and Owner

Working with Vince and Click Hive has been a breath of fresh air! I have been a business owner for nearly 15 years and I have never been able to understand marketing. Although my business has been somewhat successful, there were a lot of pieces missing and I was starting to feel overwhelmed and even considered giving up completely. I love being a physical therapist, but I do not like managing a website, marketing my skills or dealing with tech support for my online courses.

Initially, Click Hive provided me with some basic business consulting. It was refreshing to have someone look at my business from the outside and give me objective feedback on what was working and what was not working AND then give me step-by-step strategies to resolve the problems. Click Hive really took the time to understand me and my passion and gave me a realistic plan to remove the obstacles, free up my time and still be successful.

Our business relationship then evolved into a complete overhaul of my business model including creating an entirely new website, a membership platform, and an updated course delivery system. The team was passionate about all the details but never lost sight of the big picture. As our transformation progressed we learned more about what we really wanted to offer our clients and Click Hive looked for creative ideas to implement new technology to help us not only meet our needs but anticipate our business's needs for the foreseeable future.

Vince is a great listener and is eager to ensure that my voice was heard and that my clients' needs were best served by our choices. As we move forward, we will be working monthly with Click Hive to help us with marketing, tech support, and website updates to ensure our business moves forward while giving me the space and time to do what I do best, physical therapy. I can honestly say that working with Click Hive saved my business and kept my passion alive. This has possibly been the best business decision I have made and I could not be more pleased with our ongoing working relationship.

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