Case Study

Family Practice Fights the Big Care Providers and Wins


"Sound has been with Click Hive since 2021. In the middle of the pandemic they were really responsive and helped us get over 100 calls per month for new patient care."

Calls from Ads in 2022
Metric includes Google Ad Calls and calls from the website on a mobile device after an ad click.

Average Cost per Call from ad campaign
  • The Challenge

    Sound Health was a smaller, family practice with one main doctor and a few PAs on the team. They were surrounded by a much larger regional that had name and multiple sites around the community.

  • The Plan

    Click Hive devised a strategy to focus on the strengths of Sound HCC. We created a new website that focused on local images and a more personal approach. We ran ads that spoke to the frustrations that might occur with a bigger organization and used seasonal keywords to stay ahead of the big guys.

  • The Result

    Sound HCC was able to receive new patient calls at an average cost of $5.20. Their web traffic grew by over 300% and although they were not able to track the direct ROI, with over 1,700 calls in one year it is easy to imagine.

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