Interview with the owner

We sit down with Vince Williams to discuss marketing and what he thinks makes Click Hive different.

Why does Click Hive exist?

I spent two decades building companies that served specific niches within the business world, but I realized my passion was for businesses trying to jump the gap and become companies. Once I realized that was my mission I worked with my business partner to start Click Hive. Originally it was an offshoot of our existing marketing agency. BUt in the end the original model was growing too quickly and we couldn't focus on Click Hive. I knew this was my passion, so I sold my half of the agency to my parneter and took on this company full time.

Is Click Hive an INC 5000 company?

Great question. Technically, no. My last company made the list in 2018 while we owned Click Hive as a division. At the time, Click Hive wasn't a real revenue stream, but it illustrates what makes this team unique. We build comapnies that grow. I have been in the center of the machine and know what parts break when growth is too slow or too fast. That experience helps helps us to give clients persepective and wisdom that most products-based agencies just can't do.

Why do you say you're not an agency?

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but for the small-to-medium size company, agencies in their price range often sell a specific solution or deal with a specific challenge. There is nothing wrong with that, but I can't stop looking for the right solution. That means we're more of a partnership. We work with other departments in a company to understand the impact of marketing decisions. We help work through ideas of scale and practical solutions to growing pains. We're basically the employee most small temas can't afford. We can bring in more expertise and do it at a lower cost.

What makes Click Hive unique?

It is all about what drives us to serve you. Here are three distinctions that we think will benefit your business.

Catalyst Marketing

We exclusively partner with organizations that have all the right pieces in place to succeed. Your success was predetermined by who you are and the products or services you produce. Our job is merely to be a catalyst for accelerating that growth.

Scalable Solutions

Our team loves to develop programs that can scale through every level of your company's growth. We understand that things will start slow and grow exponentially, so we plan for that growth from the very start.

We Love business

Unlike many agencies, we have personally marketed our own products and non-marketing services direct for almost two decades. This distinction gives us insight and a real-world understanding that helps us stay on the same page with what clients really need throughout the relationship.

Our Founder




For over 30 years Vince has been building sales and marketing organizations that thrive.

He started his career in radio and became fascinated with the ins and outs of effective marketing. Building on his learning, he produced his own radio program which was eventually broadcast in two countries and multiple states. He eventually left radio and moved his expertise into the world of business and was heavily involved in helping start-ups and small companies thrive using effective marketing practices.

Over the last twenty years, Vince has continued to expand on his knowledge of business and marketing by developing companies that specialize in niche markets. In late 2021 he sold his 16 year venture, SermonView Marketing, an INC 5000 company focused on marketing for non-profits.

Today, Vince focuses his time on strategic partnerships and helping to build marketing strategies for Click Hive's clients.