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  • One team for all of your marketing

  • Consistent, measurable results

  • scale your business faster

  • Get a whole team for less than 20% the cost of an in-house marketer

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New Patient Growth in First 12 Months


Dr. Scott Brahmer

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Why choose Click Hive Marketing?

  • Focused on Your Growth

    Click Hive only focuses on increasing your call-to-action volume, and you can judge us accordingly. If your bottom line grows when the phone's ring, then that is where we will focus and measure.

  • We do the Heavy Lifting

    You don't have time to direct a marketing team. We set a single , twenty minute meeting per month to assess your goals and talk about your results. We take that information to fine tune and improve your results until your company is growing.

  • We work well for teams that are growing.

    Lead generation is a powerful growth catalyst when a company has its systems in place. We're selective about the clients we work with to ensure that we can help you win at business.

  • Employees are expensive

    In the modern business environment it is cheaper and more effective to get a team contracting for you than to hire your own marketers. It's like having a lawyer on retainer instead on staff.

Are you ready for marketing?

Building a business is a process. Lots of people will tell you what you should be doing, but the truth is that there are different phases to growth. Every business needs to climb through three stages over and over. Marketing, Sales, and Logistics each get broken and repaired as a business climbs to success. Successful businesses learn to work on each element simultaneously. Click Hive works with clients that understand the growth cycle and are ready to focus on marketing as a way to start to turn the wheel toward positive growth. 

Find out how much you company should be spending to meet their goals with our industry-specific budget calculator

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I look to budget?

Which of these revenue goals best applies to your company in the next 18 months?
Some companies want to maintain their revenue while developing sales and infrastructure. Others want to rebuild from a dip or slow season. Many companies are looking to grow to new revenue heights and expand their business. which company are you?

Always on your team

We are committed to fully understanding your needs and crafting a solution that meets your objectives, on-time and under budget. And in those rare times when we get it wrong, we are dedicated to making it right. Talk to a business marketing expert to craft a solution that meets your needs. Experience the Click Hive difference for yourself.