Case Study

Vancouver, WA Chiropractor new patient growth 100% in 12 months


"The 3 years prior to using Click Hive we saw 227, 279 and 272 new patients respectively. The first year we hired their team, we went up to 416—and we started in April!"

Return on Investment
based on clients average revenue per patient and verified patient increase from marketing efforts.

Additional New Patients in first 12 months

Avg. monthly cost of marketing including all ad spend.
  • The Challenge

    The team at Body in Balance had grown their new patients by 20% and were starting to lose ground. They were on the verge of hiring a new doctor and weren't sure if they could fill up the new doctor's schedule.

  • The Plan

    Click Hive devised a strategy to focus on Google Adwords using select keyword categories to ensure that the clinic was receiving the patients that were a good fit for their practice. We worked with their inhouse website administrator to make changes to their site and increase focus on calls—which is there best lead (with a close ratio of 62%).

  • The Result

    Body in Balance was able to grow their new patients by over 60% in the first 8 months and nearly double their previous best year within their first full year. Today, Body in Balance has 3 associate doctors with booked schedules and long-term patients.

Dr. Scott Brahmer, DC
Owner of Body in Balance Chiro
Customer's Thoughts

Dr. Scott's Review

I have been working with Vince at Click Hive for over 7 years and all I can say is wow! We hired him to help bring in new patients as we were onboarding a new associate doctor. I wanted to make sure that patients were streaming in so we could get him up and running as quick as possible. After a few meetings discussing our goals with Vince, he was able to put our advertising into supercharge mode. Our phone was ringing off the hook with quality new patients. We shared that we don't just want any person with a spine to call our office, so he carefully and creatively crafted ads to attract THE RIGHT patients to our office. If you are like me, not every patient is a good fit and I've seen many colleagues wasted a lot of money bringing in the wrong patients only to overwhelm the staff with little pay-off.

You want the data? The 3 years prior to using Click Hive we saw 227, 279 and 272 new patients respectively. The first year we hired Vince, we went up to 416! Oh, and we started with him in April. In 2020, due to Covid, our office took a big hit for roughly 6 weeks. With Vince's help we still brought in 500 new patients that year!
We have successfully brought on 3 associate doctors and each time we do, I tell Vince to "flip the switch" and he cranks up the new patients.

We look forward to many more years of growth in our practice, and hope that when the time comes to add a satellite practice, Click Hive will be there to help us reach our goals.

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