Who is Click Hive?

Click Hive is a team of professionals dedicated to creating scalable marketing solutions for growing companies. We love problem-solving and figuring out the best way to help you accomplish your goals. We're nerds for marketing and love to partner with companies that make a difference in their communities.

What makes Click Hive unique?

It is all about what drives us to serve you. Here are three distinctions that we think will benefit your business.

Catalyst Marketing

We exclusively partner with organizations that have all the right pieces in place to succeed. Your success was predetermined by who you are and the products or services you produce. Our job is merely to be a catalyst for accelerating that growth.

Scalable Solutions

Our team loves to develop programs that can scale through every level of your company's growth. We understand that things will start slow and grow exponentially, so we plan for that growth from the very start.

We Love business

Sure we love marketing and playing with data, but our passion is for business. We were founded out of an entrepreneurial spirit to build, grow, and develop businesses. Our expertise across the areas of finance, sales and logistics offer a more informed strategy than a simple marketing evaluation.

Our Founder




For over 30 years Vince has been building sales and marketing organizations that thrive.

In late 2021 he sold his 16 year venture, SermonView Marketing, an INC 5000 company focused on marketing for non-profits.

Today his passion is in helping companies that have developed great products or services through the concept of fractional marketing teams—allowing a company to get an employee-level of dedication out of a part-time, developed marketing team.